Silence is a deep removal of something from a place into a black hole. A hole where you can’t react, reform, and retrain. It is a checkup on how much patience you have in a particular thing. It’s a new beginning of another excitement or an end reply to failure. For me, silence is a trial phase where you test yourself; and of course, silence is a period that helps you to improve yourself and then rectify your mistake. And all above, silence can cure the mind, help to be calm, and even retains your energy back. silence is a key to forthcoming. It’s a message of a new arrival. It’s the time of development of the mind. Think a bit, Take a breath, And move onβ€¦πŸ˜Š


I feel empty

And alone in my dreams and paths,

myself wailing loudly, as I have no one to hear them.

though I sit alone,

I see one, who all has everyone,

happy in their life and dreams

enjoying their every moment in all aspects of life.

I wish I could be one like them,

happily enjoying my days with everybody.

but with no other choiceΒ 

I am still here,

sitting alone in the lonely woods.

people who see me don’t seem to care about meΒ 

the find themselves to be happy where they are,

I wish they could have seen me,

and would call me to join them,

but they didn’t.

viewing everything I teach myself the pain of solitude,

and still expect for one to see me, to enlight me, and to make my loneliness a set of burning wings,

so that I will be able to fly with others.


Birthdays is one of the exciting day of the year in ones life…But for some reason I do like and dislike birthday…

The reason why I like it… Because I do get whatever I wanted… Not so rich ones… But mostly the things I like and I wanted the most…. For example, Dresses, books, chocolates…. Most of the thing what I get the most is colours and craft items… Because I do like to art and craft…!

The reason why I don’t like birthdays… I don’t want to get old…I don’t wanna my age to increase…. Simply I just want to be small, little child, so that I can have fun… I always want to be a small student.

Do you like your birthday or you don’t? Tell me about, what do you think on this?

Thought’s #2

Life is a mystery. You open its fortunes day by day and live, what is bestowed for you by God.
But, think all these days end up becoming history. And as we cannot change the past, it stays forever as being a history.
Thus, do creative every day. We all are unique creatures and hence let’s all make our day unique.
Let our histories be more bright, enlightened, and inspired for our future.
Think more, be good always and forever.
Good day…! ❀❀❀

Happy anniversary…!πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰β€

Celebrating 1 year of blogging with WordPress…! Thankyou for all your support….Just sharing my posts which I shared with you guys last year…. ❀❀❀

Thought’s… ❀

Each part of our body that God has given to us has its value. It’s a gift from God to have a healthy and peaceful body to live out. We, humans, realize the value of something after losing it. For example – we realize the value of one finger when we have a wound or pain in it and when it’s unable to do anything with that finger.
Therefore, Always be thankful to God for what we have and for making us healthy and strong every day…! Have a nice day…!❀❀❀

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